Friday, April 11, 2014

Pictures and updates

So Caleb started crawling when he was eight months. The last couple days he has been pulling himself up and standing on his own. I think hes going to start walking soon. When he was sick he didnt do well with EC training. I didnt even bring out the potty for that week because he was sick and grumpy. I found a lot of indoor parks, parks, and activities for us to do. Im so excited to explore the town with him. So far we have been to Rainbow indoor play, Umstead Park, Joyner Park, to see the horses, Twin lakes park and a couple others. I will post pics later. Until then here are some pics of my love.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Potty Time

So caleb officially hates diaper changes. So today I went and bought potty's and I am going to throw him on it everytime he grunts to poop. Yesterday was a mess. He was fighting his diaper change so hard that poop got on his legs, the carpet, and myself. So I am going to see if I can get him to go poop in the potty. I am aware that he is too young to be potty trained. I am fully aware and that isnt my goal. He is to young to hold his pee, and he doesnt know how to pull his pants up and down or walk for that manner so I am going to run him to the potty everytime and just do it that way. I am excited to see how this turns out. I cleared out the dining room since its hardwood and placed a mat the living room floor since im sure there is going to be a lot of accidents.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Quickie Post

Sooo quick complaint. Im not sure why Will feels the need to ask me how to do simple things. For instance he asked me if he should wash the pan we cooked the salmon in before baking cookies on it -__-, or how to microwave dumplings. Its soo annoying...I mean common sense and directions help with both of those. He decided to take work off today which is nice. I started doing diastisis recti workouts to help with my abdomen. Its crazy bc my abdomen hurts like it did when I was 6 months pregnant, not to mention I gained three pounds and never got my period. I cant help but wonder occasionally if im pregnant. I know im not since im on birth control and take it as directed and I breastfeed...oh and the most important one, a negative pregnancy test. Hmmmmm well we are off to get my phone looked at.

Friday, February 7, 2014


So I took a test yesterday...dollar store of course. The test was negative which was a great relief. I can tell that Will thought I was pregnant because he was treating me different. Katy asked me if I was pregnant too because I was cramping. I'm glad I'm not pregnant :) onto other news I want a rice cooker. I am really into Asian food and I feel like that would make my day. 
I went and bought Caleb some swimming gear and diapers. I found an indoor pool by our house so I can't wait to take him. We like getting out the house. Caleb is officially crawling, my baby is moving around. He pulls himself up on things and has four teeth and one coming in. He also just started giving open mouth kisses. He wears 12 month clothing and size 4 shoes. He's growing so fast, I wish he would slow down. Well we are off to AT&T. Adios

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Milestone Alert!

My baby is crawling! He just started. I'm so proud of my baby. I'm glad I count it on video. I met another mom today. We went to storytime at the library and met... Urma... I think that's her name. Shes from Taiwan and speaks broken English and is super nice. She came over and we let the kids play. We are going to meet up Monday for a cooking class. I don't really want to go but between the communication barrier she didn't catch on so I'm going lol. I don't really mind... Just hard to do stuff like that with a baby. 
There's a pic of Parker and Caleb. Adorable kiddos :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014


So I snuck and ate fries the other day. The reason I say snuck is because everyone knows I HATE potatoes. I have hated them since I can remember. I would rather go hungry for a couple days than eat them. When I was with Caleb I snuck and ate chick fil a fries all the time. It just dawned on me that I ate fries and the only other time I've likes them was when I was pregnant. Hmmm makes me think I might..... Then again maybe it was just a craving. I drove 15 minutes out of my way for fries. Ok that's enough of that talk for the night.

Crafty crafty

So I started an Etsy account to sell some of Caleb's used clothes and I'm going to sell decorated jars. I can't wait to make some extra money. 

Caleb started sound so much this weekend. Friday he started doing this pinwheel thing to move around. Then Saturday he crawled twice. I started clapping and cheering so he stopped so he could smile and laugh. He's so adorable. He also can stand for a long time now and he's starting to pull himself up on things. He is so smart. I hope he doesn't learn how to crawl right now because once he does he's going to a in everything. Oh and he's starting to play by himself. He never did that before. He turned 8 months in a couple days. He's growing up so fast. My baby :)

On another note my period hasn't come. I don't think I'm pregnant because we've been using birth control and I'm still breastfeeding. According to my OB of I'm breastfeeding I can have very irregular periods. So as much as I don't think I'm pregnant it's very disappointing to think of the possibility of being pregnant.  I love all the attention I'm able to give Caleb. He's such a sweetheart and I don't want to split my time. I want him to be my only child forever. Will desperately wants another child, I have no clue why. I think he likes the idea of it. One thing that crossed my mind was how everyone would have something to say (negative) if we were. I get annoyed when people ask me what birth control I'm on or if and how many kids I should have. I don't feel like it's anyone's business but mine and unless I ask or bring it up keep your thought to yourself. No one is okay with the fact that I only want one kid but if I were pregnant I'm sure they would say: so soon? You think you can handle that? You should get snipped after this kid... I don't want to be on birth control or to get snipped. I want Will to, it's less invasive and I had to give birth and carry a kid for 9 months. The least he can do is get snipped so I don't have to use birth control.